OLGC’s strategic plan for improvement includes four essential elements, in alignment with the Archdiocese of Detroit’s Unleashing Our Catholic Schools, to make our school among the very best in the nation: we must be proudly Catholic, academically excellent, accessible to all and sustainable for the future. As OLGC Parish School works to attain academic excellence, OLGC remains committed to increasing student achievement, monitoring student growth, and providing strong differentiated instruction to ALL students. These efforts support the Archdiocese’s mission to “unlock students’ full potential.” In an effort to ensure that all teachers have effective tools to meet the needs of all the learning in their classrooms, OLGC has embraced a computer-adaptive assessment (CAA).

While previously piloting the NWEA MAP® Growth™ test, this year, the AOD announced a new partnership with another CAA called the Renaissance Star (STAR360) for the entire archdiocese to utilize. OLGC implemented this assessment upon students returning to school this September. 

  • All K-1 students complete the Early Literacy Renaissance 360 screener 
  • All 1-8 students complete the Math and Reading Renaissance 360 screeners

To learn more about the benefits of Renaissance Star (STAR360) please read the letter from Mrs. Hunt.

OLGC Parish School is outperforming percentile and student growth performance means of public schools, Catholic or private schools and the nation. This is due to our continual improvements in offering tailored instruction to meet the individual needs of students.