God is growing our team at Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School (OLGC) here in Plymouth, MI in order to accomplish a bold mission: offering life-changing encounters with Jesus and equipping leaders to transform the culture. We are called to foster holiness and serve as a center of evangelization and discipleship for students, families, and faculty.




You will be notified if you are invited to a virtual interview. If selected after a virtual interview, you will then be invited to Plymouth for an in-person interview.


  • Located in the heart of downtown Plymouth – prime location to Unleash the Gospel!
  • We use the Encounter, Grow, Witness evangelization model.
  • All classes visit our school chapel for “chapel time” each week in addition to Mass each week.
  • We have provided a sound Catholic and academic foundation for over 70 years.
  • In 2018, OLGC received a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit with the revealing of a bold new mission to offer a life-changing encounter with Jesus and equip leaders to transform the culture.
  • Enrollment continues to grow as word spreads about our great school! 2021-2022 enrollment will be over 400 students!
  • 66% of OLGC teachers and staff have a masters degree or higher.
  • We uniquely offer Level I and II (PreK3-3rd grade) Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.
  • We are proud to be a Leader in Me school!


“Choosing to join OLGC’s mission, school, and team was a no-brainer for me. I prayed through each discernment point and smiled. It is a joy to be a part of a community who wants me to explore my relationship with Jesus at my own level, but always encouraging me to go deeper, without judgment. Our team is filled with faith and committed to building each other UP. I am overjoyed to continue forming relationships with kids, families, and staff at OLGC Parish School. I am blessed to be here. This place feels like home.” Leigh Fitch (School Counselor)
“I knew when I walked into OLGC over 9 years ago that it was a unique school and community. I knew it was “home!” That has not changed. I am committed to our families and our mission. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.” Linda O’Sullivan (5th Grade Teacher)
“I love OLGC because the entire school and parish community make OLGC a proudly Catholic school experience.” Molly Metzgar (1st Grade Teacher)
“I choose to teach at OLGC because my students grow as children of God, they become lifelong learners, and they develop leadership skills that equip them to lead lives that are happy and meaningful. What I have learned over my 20+ years at OLGC, is that those three growth opportunities are offered to everyone in our community, not just the kids. Parents, teachers, and staff are invited into new faith experiences, new learning opportunities, and to fine tune skills that help us strengthen our team. I have experienced so much personal, positive growth because of my OLGC family and I would never want to teach anywhere else. God placing me here over 20 years ago was truly one of the greatest blessings of my life.” Jennifer Kraus (3rd Grade Teacher)