Teacher COVID-19 Grant Certifications

The following list of employees are eligible grant recipients for the COVID-19 Grant Certification.  This is an incredible program honoring the tremendous hard work to continue learning during the school closure last year.  Eligible grant recipients must complete the TSSC19 Grant Certification (From 5734), and turn it in to Melissa Hunt by December 4, 2020.  Forms will be submitted to the Michigan Department of Treasury. For more information, please visit: https://www.michigan.gov/TSSC19Grants

Eligible Grant Recipients:

  • Lindsay Bosker
  • Gordon Cameron
  • Kim Cinzori
  • Jackie Coury
  • Thomas Donahue
  • Melissa Elsey
  • Mary Kay Gendron
  • Megan Gonyeau
  • Lauren Kowalski
  • Jennifer Kraus
  • Molly Metzgar
  • Mallory Myler
  • Mary Beth Nicholas
  • Linda O’Sullivan
  • Rita Paterra
  • Jolene Pollard
  • Liz Ross
  • Abby Stephenson
  • Carol Stowe
  • Jennifer Thibault
  • Terry Zimmerman