09 Oct 2019

Parent Information Night



My brothers and sisters in Christ,

Peace of Jesus be on your lips and in your heart!

Since school began in August, I have loved hearing the laughter of little ones on the playground and been overjoyed to pray with them at Mass.  It is such a gift to be a pastor over a community with a school. God certainly delights in His children! I understand this gift, though, to also be an incredible responsibility which I do not take lightly. Over the last few weeks, parents have brought concerns to my attention and to the attention of the school’s leadership regarding our school.  As such, I, along with Mrs. Hunt, would like to address the concerns brought forward.

In order to do this effectively, we are planning an information night for parents.  After speaking with Mrs. Hunt, staff, and hearing from many parents, I believe it is important for us to be one community, hearing the message together.  Since the school developed a new mission statement in 2017 and has undergone different transitions over the past few years, it is clear that there is confusion and concerns which need to be addressed. For this reason, I am asking that every school family have at least one parent attend the meeting as we speak to the concerns raised and address resolutions for moving forward.

I am also suggesting your attendance as it is easier to gain clarity for yourself, I think, when you hear things in person. In my experience living in community, mis-information spreads so quickly when we rely on passing information along second and third hand. Understanding the challenge of all being able to attend, we will also video the event and make it available for you.

In preparation of this evening, please know that you, your family, and this school community remain in my prayers.  I look forward to seeing you at the informational night. The date will be shared as soon as possible.

Our parish school is precious and it is a gift. I invite you to entrust our school with me to our Blessed Mother.

Fr. Michael Suhy

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