Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish School is committed to equipping our school and parish families to “Fight the good fight of the Faith” by suggesting resources to help strengthen, inspire, and challenge our parents to build the faith and discipleship of their families in a practical way through prayer, talking points, and stories. Check back regularly for updates and additions to our set of resources.


Forming the Family in Scripture

Archbishop Vigneron is calling us to commit to forming our families in the love and power of sacred Scripture by placing it at the center of our family life.

Reclaiming Sunday

Archbishop Vigneron is calling our families to reclaim Sunday: attend Mass as a family and intentionally spend time with one another. Here are some ideas for families to get back to Mass.

Family Prayer

In Archbishop Vigneron’s pastoral letter, Unleash the Gospelhe challenges families to commit to developing family prayer time by making time to listen, share, and grow together as a family guided by the Lord in times of joy and trial. Here are some ideas you can make family prayer time fit with your family.

Forming Meal Time

Archbishop Vigneron is calling us to create time for regular family meals without distraction.  The time of day we come together isn’t as important as the effort we make to sit down, relax, and let everyone and everything else in the world fade to the background as we focus our attention on those who matter most… our families.