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About the Fr. John Riccardo OLGC Parish School Legacy Fund

For 12 years, Fr. John Riccardo served as the pastor of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Known for his dynamism and innovative evangelization efforts, Fr. John made a profound impact on the parish and school. OLGC wanted to recognize Fr. John for his transformative leadership and his dedication to the parish and especially to the school, in a unique and long-lasting way. They decided to honor him by naming an endowment fund after him, a perpetual gift, outlasting any material gift they could have shared with him. So they chose to name the fund the Fr. John Riccardo OLGC Parish School Legacy Fund.

Since the creation of the endowment, parishioners have also donated to it, moved by their passion for the school and recognition that the fund can help provide long-term stability. The parish hopes that additional donations will allow the fund to grow and increase its impact. Supporting the mission of OLGC Parish School is supporting leaders who are transforming the culture. God’s vision of providing a tuition-free school for all who desire a Catholic education will become a reality through your generosity.

About the OLGC Parish School Vollbrecht Fund

The Marguerite Vollbrecht Fund was established in 1985 in order to help spread the Gospel. One of those ways is through Catholic Education. Marguerite Vollbrecht lived with her husband in Plymouth and was a faithful member of OLGC. They had no children, so before she died she established a foundation and contributed a large sum of money to OLGC as well as other Catholic institutions to assist young people in receiving a Catholic Education. Through the generosity of OLGC Parishioners and OLGC School fund raising we are able to continue Marguerite Vollbrecht’s legacy of spreading the Gospel through financial assistance to those in need.