05 Mar 2019

Integrate Prayer into The 8 Habits

Below are some ways you can integrate prayer into each of the 8 habits. In the chapel I remind students to give their heart to Jesus each day and encourage them to continue to pray that throughout the day. Another way to phrase this is “Lord, help me to live in a way that is pleasing to you today.” This is more concrete language for the students.

Prayers to go with each habit:

1.Pray with your child: “Holy Spirit help () to know how much he is loved. Remind him of your presence with Him and give him help for this day.”

Prayer for your child to learn: “Jesus I give you my heart. Help me love you more.”

You can use this Psalm to discuss as a family: Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

2. Pray as a family an examination of conscience. Listen to Father’s homily from December as a guide. There are three parts:

1. Thanksgiving 2. Asking for forgiveness  3. Making a resolution for tomorrow (Such as asking Jesus for the grace to be patient with my family, or asking Jesus to help me remember to pray.)

(December 31st). http://frjohnriccardo.libsyn.com/

3. Pray with your child: “Holy Spirit fill () with courage”

“Jesus we trust in you, guide ( ) through this moment and fill () with the grace he needs.

4. Remind your children of the story of Fatima and this prayer: “Jesus I offer this ( ) as a sacrifice for ( )

5.  Pray with your child: “Holy Spirit fill me with Wisdom. Help me to see this person/situation through your eyes”  Talk about times your child is struggling with others and how seeing that person through Gods’ eyes can help with that situation.

6. Talk about ways that your child saw Jesus throughout the day in others.  You can pray “Thank you for….thank you for how ( ) showed the love of Jesus to me today.

7. This is both a personal prayer and one you can do as a family “Lord show me how I can grow in virtue(love you more) today.”  If you pray it as family, you can encourage one another.