Welcome to Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Pre-Kindergarten!

OLGC Pre-Kindergarten currently serves 4-year-olds and is offered five days a week. We are a faith-based program focusing on the Image of God Pre-K religious program to deepen the growing needs of each child in a developmentally appropriate way. Our approach, with the assistance of this spiritual program, is to educate all students according to their spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional needs by providing a balanced curriculum that encompasses a combination of teacher-directed and child-directed involvement through our daily experiences together.
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Our Lady of Good Counsel (OLGC) Pre-Kindergarten is fully licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Human Services. Our classroom and play areas meet the state licensing standards, while also meeting the educational needs of all four-year-old students enrolled in our half-day program. We are happy and eager to familiarize you with our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum, which will provide our young students with the opportunity to be prepared and successful as they go through elementary school.


• Pre-Kindergarten should be a learning environment where ALL children feel safe and are free to explore through resources and opportunities presented to them in a positive manner. Students will be introduced to readiness skills in fun and interesting ways.
• Each child can practice problem-solving skills, readiness skills, responsibility, socialization, independence, courtesy and compassion for each other.
• Parents are an essential connection in a child’s success, and we encourage communication to create a strong partnership between school and home.
• By engaging in many open-ended activities, young students will be challenged to use methods of observation, discussion, and individual thought process to guide them in their learning.
• Children will become lifelong learners when learning about their world through positive, nurturing and loving interactions in ALL learning situations.

The OLGC Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

is intended to expose students to our fundamental Catholic teachings, language, math, motor skills, art, music, and technology by focusing on these key areas:



To assist children in becoming aware of God and how He has created each of them in a truly special and unique way.


To help children feel comfortable in school, create trust in their new environment, make new friends and to feel that they are part of a group. It is a time to have children learn to interact with peers and adults appropriately in the classroom setting.


To provide a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for Pre-Kindergarten children with a focus on Catholic teachings, literacy, math, science and technology.


To assist children in increasing both large and small motor skills and feel confident about what they can do.


To help children feel a sense of pride and self-confidence, develop more independence and self-control and to encourage students to ask questions, solve problems, and use words to describe their thoughts, observations, and feelings in different situations.

The OLGC Pre-Kindergarten Daily Schedule

Pre-Kindergarten daily schedule includes both periods of active and quiet time in the following ways:


Circle & Group Time

Each day students will participate in prayers, Pledge of Allegiance, calendar, songs and creative movement, show and tell, rhythmic reading, storytelling and group skills.

Learning Center Time

A variety of activities will be continually presented to enhance the learning experience. Some activities include drawing and coloring, dramatic play, library corner, puzzles, blocks, board games, books, clay modeling, sensory table and painting.

Prayer & Faith Time

Incorporating the Image of God program into the daily routine, will help children learn about different Bible stories, songs, praying together and learning about Jesus. This program is designed to involve students with lessons to develop a greater understanding of their faith as they worship.

Project Time

Different projects to enhance the curriculum and skills being taught will be introduced each week depending on the particular theme. Students will work on learning the alphabet, learning numbers, and becoming more familiar with colors and shapes.

Motor Skills

Time will be set aside for physical play using large motor skills each day. Physical education class is part of the weekly schedule. Weather permitting, children play outdoors on a daily basis.

Snack Time

Time is set aside each day for students to learn about washing hands, saying prayers before meals, and sitting down to have snack in a large group setting.

Pre-Kindergarten Goals

• Begin to instill our Christian values with the support of the Image of God faith series and other religious materials to support the Catholic faith
• Acquire academic skills based on the State standards
• Encourage cooperation, choice making and consideration of others
• Develop problem-solving skills
• Nurture a sense of independence and responsibility
• Encourage and promote self-help skills
• Promote skills of observation, listening and questioning
• Inspire socialization, creativity, discovery, imagination, and exploration

Pre-Kindergarten Schedule

Pre-Kindergarten for the 2019-2020 school year we will offer the following program options depending on registration interest:

Half Day, Mornings: 8:00 AM-11:30 AM
Full Day: 8:00 AM-2:45 PM

Snacks will not be provided for Pre-Kindergarten students. Please bring a healthy snack each day. Hot lunch/milk may be ordered monthly in the full day program. After school care is available for the full day program only.

Pre-Kindergarten Tuition

Tuition for the 2019/2020 school year will increase 5% over 2018/2019. See the chart below for Pre-K tuition rates.

This increase reflects increasing educational expenses to ensure all students are provided resources they need while at the same time maintaining an affordable tuition structure. As in prior years tuition alone does not cover all costs. Cost per student is presently estimated to be $7,900 per student for the 2019/2020 school year. The shortfall between tuition and costs is made up by the generosity of OLGC Parish and the school’s Parent Volunteer Core team.

Pre-K Tuition 2018-2019 2019-2020
1 Child (Full Day) $5,550 $5,828
1 Child (Half Day) $3,400 $3,570

Tuition Assistance for OLGC School Families

We recognize the decision to pursue and fund a Catholic education is one which requires considerable sacrifice but is also a decision that provides great opportunity to unleash the Gospel within families.

Our goal is to ensure that any Catholic family seeking an excellent Catholic education for their children at OLGC can have one. To that end financial assistance is offered to families through two programs, the Archdiocese of Detroit Tuition Assistance Program and OLGC’s Vollbrecht Fund.

Registering your child for Pre-K

Class size is limited to a maximum of 16 students during any half-day session. Students will be admitted based on their selection and space availability. A session selection may be changed dependent on final enrollment numbers. Families will be notified should a change be necessary.

OLGC Catholic School has the primary obligation to those children who are siblings of students currently enrolled in other grades and to parishioners of OLGC: after that, students will be admitted on a space availability, first-come, first-served basis.

If the desired session is full, families will be informed by the school office that they have been placed on a waiting list. If this occurs a family has the following options:

• Withdraw their registration, at which time their family name will be removed from the waitlist and their registration payment will be returned.
• Remain on the waitlist; registration payment will be held until there is a possible opening or it may be returned upon request.