Welcome to the PVC (Parent Volunteer Committee)

The mission of the Parent Volunteer Committee is to support and enhance the experience for our students both academically and spiritually through fundraising and volunteer opportunities uniting families and staff to serve our parish school while transforming the culture.

The Parent Volunteer Committee (PVC) is an organization consisting of all parents of OLGC Parish School registered students.  This organization provides parental support to our school through activities, social functions and fundraisers.  Parent participation is an integral part of our school.  Every child benefits directly from this support. Thank you for making it all happen! The PVC Executive Board directs and coordinates PVC activity and manages fund allocation.  This elected board meets with the Principal regularly to assess the needs of both teachers and students.  Funds generated through PVC activities are allocated accordingly.

The PVC Executive Board 2018 -19:
  • Susie Heineman, President
  • Maureen Squires, Vice President
  • Robin Padula, Treasurer
  • Rachel Dobson, Secretary

A major component of the PVC is the DOVES (Dedicated Official Volunteers Emanating Spirit) Program.  This program provides school families with opportunities to share their gifts and enrich student life at OLGC.  As a member of the OLGC Parish School community, each family is required to serve a minimum of 20 hours (reduced to 10 hours for single parent families and for parents who only have one child enrolled at OLGC in the Half Day Pre-Kindergarten Program) of volunteer services during the current academic year. DOVES volunteer hours may documented using the Gradelink mobile application or from the service hours tab on a parent’s Gradelink website account.

At the beginning of the year, the PVC Board distributes a packet outlining the activities, social functions and fundraisers that require parental support.  Upon reviewing the packet, each family completes the Parent Volunteer Sign-Up online, selecting the ways they can best share their gifts with our school community.

The Fundraising and Tuition Credit Program

The Parent Volunteer Committee (PVC) sponsors and supports many fundraising programs. Participation in the OLGC Parish School Fundraising and Tuition Credit Program is completely voluntary.

PVC Strategies, By-Laws and Officers

PVC goals and strategies are described in the following document:

The PVC is governed by by-laws established to maintain consistency and effectiveness.

The roles and responsibilities of PVC officers are outlined in the following document:

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PVC Financial Reports
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