2020/2021 Fee Structure (per child)**: 2020-2021
Technology $150
Facilities $75
Testing $50

Tuition for the 2019/2020 school year will increase 5% over 2018/2019.  See the chart below for In Parish and Outside of Parish tuition rates.

**additional activity fee is collected for all 8th grade students

This increase reflects increasing educational expenses to ensure all students are provided resources they need while at the same time maintaining an affordable tuition structure.  As in prior years tuition alone does not cover all costs.  Cost per student is presently estimated to be $7,900 per student for the 2019/2020 school year.  The shortfall between tuition and costs is made up by the generosity of OLGC Parish and the school’s Parent Volunteer Core team.

Tuition Assistance for OLGC School Families

We recognize the decision to pursue and fund a Catholic education is one which requires considerable sacrifice but is also a decision that provides great opportunity to unleash the Gospel within families.

Our goal is to ensure that any Catholic family seeking an excellent Catholic education for their children at OLGC can have one. To that end financial assistance is offered to families through two programs, the Archdiocese of Detroit Tuition Assistance Program and OLGC’s Vollbrecht Fund.

Tuition Assistance Process

Families who would like to be considered for tuition assistance and support through the Vollbrecht Fund must follow the process below:
  • Step 1: Apply for the Archdiocese of Detroit Tuition Assistance fill out the application attached to the FACTS website. The deadline for this application is April 30, 2020. There is a $30 online application fee. Being denied financial assistance by the AOD will not exclude you from being considered for the OLGC Vollbrecht Fund.
  • Step 2: In order to be considered for additional support through the OLGC Vollbrecht Fund, the AOD application must first be submitted. To apply for tuition assistance through  OLGC fill out the online Vollbrecht application by clicking the button below. The Vollbrecht application must be submitted to the school office by May 31. Tuition assistance through Vollbrecht will be considered on a financial need basis.  Families who receive tuition assistance are expected to give back to the parish/school in time and talent.

About the Vollbrecht Fund

The Marguerite Vollbrecht Fund was established in 1985 in order to help spread the Gospel. One of those ways is through Catholic Education. Marguerite Vollbrecht lived with her husband in Plymouth and was a faithful member of OLGC. They had no children, so before she died she established a foundation and contributed a large sum of money to OLGC as well as other Catholic institutions to assist young people in receiving a Catholic Education.  Through the generosity of OLGC Parishioners and OLGC School fund raising we are able to continue Marguerite Vollbrecht’s legacy of spreading the Gospel through financial assistance to those in need.

To make a donation to the OLGC Parish School Vollbrecht Fund, click here.